Thank You For Your Order!


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What’s happening and what to do next:


  1. We are customizing and preparing your device(s) for shipment. This can take roughly 4-7 days depending on your location.

  2. We will send you an email when your device(s) ship and provide you with tracking.


What to do next:


  1. Visit this URL to schedule an on boarding call. On this call we will answer any questions you have, get as much information from you as we can to start building your landing page(s) and prepare some marketing campaigns that best suit your needs. We have a checklist we will go by on the call. You can download it here to see what we will be asking on the call.

  2. When your device(s) arrive. You can schedule another consultation using the above link if we have not already discussed setting up your device(s).

  3. After you have received your device(s) and have cables run with the device(s) connected and running properly, we will move to the next phase and start working to get your visitors connected to your device(s) to start collecting visitor data.

  4. At this point we can decide what angle of marketing to use and what offers to push to these visitors.

Together we will continue to collect visitor data and re-market to these visitors!

Thank you again for your order! We look forward to working with you!!!